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Independently Owned Investment Advisory Service
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Scott's wife, Jean.
(AKA Mrs. Denali Capital)
Denali Capital Management, LLC is an Investment Advisory Firm that is registered in the state of Alaska and based in Fairbanks, Alaska. We provide investment services for corporations, non-profits and high net worth individuals.

Denali Capital offers investors over 42 years of successful experience in financial management driven by a strong focus on meeting client needs and expectations. Our investment team offers the strong and balanced perspective needed to build and preserve wealth through a variety of investment objectives.

Denali Capital offers personalized services that meet each client’s particular short-term needs and long-term desires.

Our intent is to design a portfolio that is comfortably predictable, generates the capital required for meeting short-term obligations, and creates opportunities for growth. These long-term strategies are shaped through personalized allocation of designated funds in equity, income, commodity-linked, and/or cash assets.

It is our desire to develop portfolios that are transparent in their objectives. In this light, we offer only fee based, fiduciary advice so our clients know our cost and are assured that our advice is premised only on our desire to improve their standing. Our loyalties are only to our clients, allowing us to provide completely unbiased guidance.





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